Welcome to the Dronfield Wildlife and Natural History Group:

The Dronfield and District Natural History Society, which was replaced by the Dronfield Wildlife and Natural History Group in May 2015, was formed in April 1970 and continues to cater for a wide range of natural history interests. We are pleased to welcome into membership the interested beginner and the specialist.

Image: Dixon's Lock Chesterfield Canal

Image: Group Outing
Outside Kew Gardens during our visit on July 26th 2015

Wildlife and Natural History Activities:

We organise a six-monthly programme of the following activities and distribute the information to members in November and May. We hold a wide variety of outdoor field excursions both in the Dronfield, North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire areas and further afield to the coast and established nature reserves.

More information can be found about our outdoor field excursions on the Activities page.

Membership information:

All members are encouraged to submit records of birds, mammals, insects and plant life in the Dronfield area. This information may be collected during Group outings, private walks or observations in your own garden. Members can also participate in the Monthly Garden Bird Survey where sheets can be made available to facilitate daily recording of birds visiting their garden.

All this information contributes to the Group’s valuable collection of data. Walk Leaders usually submit a report for inclusion in the current diary. All the previous diaries have been made available in digital form starting from April 1970.

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A bi-monthly newsletter is produced to all members. This helps to keep members informed of the group’s activities and includes recordings of the two months covered. Printed copies are available from the Barn.

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