Make sure you come and see our exhibition of 15th and 16th century style costumes, which opens on Monday 23rd January.

Through clothing, this exhibition represents not only the early history of Dronfield Hall Barn, but also the life of Lady Alice Deincourt. Born in 1358, Lady Alice had the building constructed as a manor house in 1430 and died in Thurgarton Priory in 1433.

In the Courtyard room will be men and women’s costumes representing the styles from the 1350s to the 1480s, the period when the manor house was built. Upstairs will be costumes based on a century of fashion from 1510 to 1610, when as far as we are aware, the building continued to be used as a high status hall. We believe that visitors to the barn back then would have been wearing costumes very similar to those that you will see displayed in the exhibition.

There will be children’s dressing-up clothes in the gallery upstairs, so that you can take their photos standing alongside the exhibition costumes.

We very much hope that you enjoy the exhibition and if you want to know more, perhaps consider coming to our talk ‘An Elizabethan Wardrobe Revealed’, or signing up to our Medieval Dress Making Workshops – both of which are bookable via our events page.

We kindly request that when you visit, you do not touch the exhibits but feel free to photograph them!