One of the most popular areas for both local residents of the town, and visitors from further afield, are the Barn gardens. Over the space of several years, these have seen a dramatic transformation from a once unkempt mud bath to a much loved community space that makes an ideal backdrop for some stunning wedding photos, no matter the season

“Just a line to say thank you so much for all your work over the years culminating in the gem the barn is now.

Your hours of dedication, sheer hard work, ingenuity, expertise and enthusiasm is much admired and inspires gratitude.  

In addition, you kindly engage with the public and encourage, which enhances peoples’ enjoyment.

The  Barn Garden is not only a pleasure to visit, it is a place of welfare, of refreshment, beauty and of healing.

You cannot know the difference this amazing gift of nature makes in many lives.

It was good to see you in a different guise on Sunday, yet still so giving.

Always thankful, always stilled, awed by the beauty”