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Dronfield Heritage Trust is pleased to announce that it has begun an association with the Dronfield 2gether project, to develop a concept that will mean events and activities will become unmissable for elderly residents within Dronfield.

Dronfield 2gether is a community based project supported by North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, and aims to stream events and activities into care homes. This means that people who would otherwise be unable to attend a community event will have the opportunity to participate. This is part of a future aim to bring people together and increase health and happiness.

It is hoped that this concept will bring benefits to both the residents of Dronfield, as well as the Dronfield Heritage Trust. With many dementia sufferers able to remember and recall memories from long ago, Dronfield Heritage Trust hopes that this will lead to more people coming forward with information which can then be added to the archives. The archive itself is host to a huge collection of photographs from the town’s past. It is anticipated that this project will help stimulate people’s memories into recalling particular events or perhaps even recognising themselves and others on pictures.

Original postcard showing a church group pageant in the grounds of the rectory on Church Street.

Original postcard showing a church group pageant in the grounds of the rectory on Church Street.


Elsa MacPherson, the newly appointed Development Worker at Dronfield2gether, said: “We already have a lot of community spirit, we just need more of it. My role is to enable and support individuals, groups, and organisations.”

Dronfield 2gether are committed to promoting and developing community spirit and resilience in and around Dronfield, and openly welcomes new members. If you are interested in helping out, or just want to find out more about them, contact Elsa MacPherson on 07870 208866 or elsa.dronfield@ndva.org.uk. Dronfield 2gether can also be contacted by visiting their Facebook page www.facebook.com/dronfield2gether