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Zoot (Tim Byrom)

Zoot is a highly skilled circus performer with an energetic and entertaining show that’s packed with preposterous and precarious tricks, some of which may work. He will balance precariously on a  ladder without using a wall, demonstrate deft manipulation with up to 3 hats, and attempt an outrageous balance on a unicycle.

Matt Tiffany

Matthew Tiffany comedy juggler of Leeds, UK, is famous worldwide for his vast repertoire of tricks, his act displaying a curated compendium of the greatest feats from the last 200 years of juggling.

He delivers a virtuosic performance, a mix of family friendly humour with the most difficult feats of object manipulation that have ever been achieved within the circus. Certain to entertain and inspire, his act is jam packed with skill and plenty of laughs. Children delight at his clowning, adults gasp at his feats of multitasking.

From tricks long thought lost to the history books, right up to the modern style he helped develop, Matthew Tiffany’s act represents the historical spectrum of juggling as an art form.

Often compared to the humous stylings of Ken Dodd or Norman Wisdom, Matthew Tiffany is sure to wow audiences wherever he goes! His timeless humour and vaudeville style have seen his act at home on illustrious theatre stages as well as informal festival settings.

Lee Partridge

Lee Partridge is an actor and circus artist from the Midlands. Performing cyr wheel, a relatively new art form in circus. A huge spinning metal hoop which Lee uses to manipulate space and perform daring feats of acrobatics and balance.


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