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Join Sue Lamberton in the hairnetting workshop over two days. Hairnetting is an ancient technique used for practical applications and, in later centuries, decorative purposes.

The much smaller net seen in hairnets of the Middle-Ages into Renaissance, and delicate reticules of the Georgian to Victorian periods is something of a lost skill, and over the past forty-something years many re-enactors, historic interpreters and stage and screen companies have had no option but to resort to sometimes clumsy crocheted alternatives. However with the right fibre, tools and techniques, the skills to make a period accurate hairnet (or even Regency-style reticule) can be learnt

Sue Lamberton is a self-taught textile artisan who became involved with medieval re-enactment in the late 1990s, and over time became an independent researcher. She demonstrates and makes time-consuming historic silk work, and loves talking about and teaching these ancient skills. With her lifetime of love for beautiful natural fibres together with her respect for the original 12-15-century silk women of London and other European cities, Sue has an insatiable curiosity to delve into the past and find out more about these extraordinary women, of whom a fascinating written record exists detailing their lives and work as independent artisans at a time when most women had few rights

To book please email Julia Wright: sirjohnsavileshousehold@gmail.com for further details

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