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John Sutcliffe Exhibition

John Sutcliffe:

John is a prolific multi-media artist, photographer and illustrator, living in Apperknowle.  He has long been associated with Dronfield Hall Barn, producing fine art exhibitions,  light shows and lantern parades for the Dronfield Arts Festival. In an earlier life he taught art in Chesterfield and gained a Masters in Fine Art Practice and Education in 2014.

His Paintings and prints have been sold in galleries around Derbyshire. This exhibition of new and retrospective work traces his leaning towards abstraction with soaked with his love of myth and the landscapes he visits. You will also find his exquisite gilded portraits and lyrical hand cut prints. All original works are for sale and many of his works will also be available as high quality giclee prints.

Jay Flux:

Jay Flux is a 14yr old mind trapped inside something that passes for a grown up.

My love of art around that age was cemented by endless hours staring at album covers, posters, comics and video cassettes.

I use art as a form of mental balancing , self medicating through the use of pens. Although the subject matter can be a little dark , this is juxtaposed with the use of bright, near psychedelic colours to seduce and sometimes disorientate the viewer.

My ‘happy place’ is headphones on, music loud and the freedom to create , explore and escape without limits.

Music and art are inseparable. Music constantly inspires and fuels my ideas and direction.

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