There’s still time to purchase your tickets for when James Wilton Dance comes to Dronfield to perform LEVIATHAN, so don’t miss out! 

The story follows Ahab, a ship captain hell-bent on capturing the white whale, Moby Dick, a beast as vast and as dangerous as the sea itself, yet serene and beautiful beyond all imagining. Ahab’s crew are drawn into the unhinged charisma of this madman, blindly following him on his perilous adventure towards almost certain destruction, all dreaming to rule the world, to be the master of their destinies, to be more powerful than God.

LEVIATHAN is the epic re-imagining of Herman Melville’s seminal novel, Moby Dick, by multi-award winning choreographer James Wilton. Featuring a cast of six world-class dancers, Wilton’s trademark blend of athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and edge of the seat partner-work, will leave audiences gasping for air under the sheer ferocity of overwhelmingly powerful movement, all accompanied by Wilton’s signature electro-rock soundtrack.

See a preview for the show with the video below:

The performance will take place in The Peel Centre on Saturday 6th April (7:30pm). Tickets are priced at £8 for under 16s and £12.50 for adults, and can be purchased through our events page, by calling into the cafe or by ringing 01246 418122. 

We’re also pleased to announce that tickets for Team Viking are also now available.

Five years ago, James’s best friend Tom was diagnosed with heart cancer and told he had three months to live. Tom’s last wish was to be given a full Viking burial by his two best mates, Sarah and James. This is the remarkable, hilarious and heart-lifting story of how James and Sarah actually gave their best mate the send-off he wanted… and all the trouble they got into when they did.

The performance will take place in the Barn on Thursday 9th May (7:30pm). Tickets are £8 for under-16s and £12.50 for adults.