These are just a few of the stunning images that will form our annual Dronfield Wildlife and Natural History Group (DWNHG) Photographic Competition exhibition.

This year’s three categories were Seabirds, Insects and The Oak. Judges Mike Firth from the Dronfield Eye and Jack Baddams, a University of Leeds zoology graduate, faced a tough decision due to both the quantity and quality of this year’s competition.

The winners were announced on September 5th, and entries will be featured in our gallery room later this autumn.

The overall winner of the competition was the winning entry from the Seabirds category, named Glaring Gannet by Marie Rollitt. “It is a fantastic capture of a different side to a gannet,” Jack said. “The viewpoint that it offers is what makes it stand out. Being locked at eye level in the Gannet’s other-worldly stare provides a captivating connection to this enigmatic soul of the sea.” Marie’s photo has been used as the front cover image of the latest edition of Dronfield Eye.

Norman Crowson’s shot of a green bottle won first prize in the Insects category. “We were drawn to this one for two reasons. Firstly, the subject in the photograph is an often overlooked insect. It gives a whole other perspective on the simple fly. Secondly, the colours of it are fantastic, with the fly being framed by the bright petals,” said Jack.

A close up of an oak leaf was Michael Turner’s winning entry in The Oak category.  “Mike and I both instantly liked this one. To start with a subject as big as an Oak and bring the focus right down onto part of a leaf really makes this stand out. The bright colours are full of life and it’s framed perfectly.”

Maria Smith, Dronfield Hall Barn Activities and Interpretation Manager added: “This year’s competition was one of the hardest we’ve had to judge since we started running the competition. The response to the categories was brilliant, and the quality of photos just seems to get better every year. The entries will make a wonderful display in the gallery!”

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Thank you to all the entrants, and in particular Harrisons Cameras for once again sponsoring the competition. The winners in each category received vouchers for camera equipment. Why not get in touch and let us know which of the photos your favourite is?

Stay tuned in 2019 to hear details of when we’re running this competition again.