• Lady Alice Deincourt was a woman who was destined for life as just a daughter, sister, wife or widow. Her story would have been a casualty of time, to be lost to the past. Without investigation into the history of Dronfield Hall Barn, Alice would have remained anonymous forever. But what was her story, and why did she never remarry? As a noble woman she was connected by family and friendship to the movers and shakers of the political landscape that lead to the onset of the War of the Roses. Her story takes us right to the heart of the seminal historical events that shaped the Britain of her time. Discover her fascinating story with this book.
  • Issue 38 of Miscellany is available now! Usually published bi-annually, this issue is a special Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter 2021 edition priced at £3.50. Included inside are some of the following features:
    • The Old Dronfield Society Archive is on the Move! - Ann Brown & Research Group Members
    • The Story of Church Crossing - John Harvey
    • Colliers, Mines and Merchants around Dronfield - Robert Gratton
    • A Notable Dronfeldian
    • Cinder Lands - Ironstone Mining and Forging around Oxclose Lane - James Cartwright
    • A Shocking ' Murder' in Coal Aston - Part 1 - Nick Wheat
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