The David Hey Collection

Ancient Woodlands – Although Dronfield itself does not have many woods, neighbouring settlements, (especially Barlow and Holmesfield, both of which were in Dronfield’s ancient parish) contain a great deal of woodland whose history can be traced back to medieval times. Few people seem to be aware of their antiquity and how they were managed to provide fuel for the Derbyshire lead and iron industries. They still preserve the same shapes and sizes they had 100s of years ago

The Houses of the Dronfield Lead Merchants – Nowadays it is hard to imagine that Dronfield ever had any connection with the Derbyshire Lead Industry. It comes as a surprise to most people to hear that the oldest houses in the town and surrounding countryside were built through the profits of this trade

Medieval and Tudor Dronfield – The survival of what was once a high quality medieval house inside the barn that now forms the core of the Dronfield Hall Barn surprised many people. But Dronfield has many surprises from its medieval past once we start looking for them