Miscellany – Issue 32



Issue No: 32

Article Page No.

  • 32.1 Editorial
  • 32.2 Obituary, Stanley Jones by Ann Brown
  • 32.3 The Chatsworth Park Coal Pits by James Cartwright
  • 32.4 Water-powered mills in Dronfield by Ann Brown
  • 32.5 Cholera epidemic by Ann Brown
  • 32.6 Dronfield’s Autumn Crocuses – A Mystery by Peter Shelton
  • 32.7 Lady Alice Deincourt by Maureen Taylor
  • 32.8 Dronfield’s Wooden Bridge by Judith Vernier
  • 32.9 The Cinema in Wartime by Alan Littler

Editor: Ann Brown

Dronfield Miscellany Editorial Sub Committee: Cathy Kearns, Jean Kendal, Margaret Mace, Judith Vernier

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The Dronfield Heritage Trust publishes the Old Dronfield Miscellany bi-annually. Local history magazine.

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