Shona Branigan Dronfield Hall Barn Print Artwork


We’re excited to be selling these fantastic prints by Shona Branigan, an artist printmaker, who creates tree prints, wood engravings, woodcuts and drypoint artwork. Shona is known for her delicately detailed hand burnished relief prints of trees.

This particular oak relief print has been taken from Dronfield Hall Barn’s roof beams which are located in our gallery. The oak started growing in 1341 and was cut in 1429. In the late 17th century it was used to build the Barn, and was removed and scientifically dated during the restoration of the building.

These prints provide a unique way of displaying a part of the Barn in your own home – and you can select from either gold, or blue.

More information about the artist can be found by visiting her website.

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Artwork printed by hand burnishing onto heritage rag paper.

Image size: 24cm x 22cm

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Blue, Gold

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