We are pleased to announce that our WW1 exhibition, “Dronfield’s Untold Stories”, is now officially open to the public in our gallery. 

Our volunteers from the Dronfield Hall Barn Research Team have been hard at work for the past 12 months, researching stories and discovering fascinating images that make up the exhibition. Residents of Dronfield have also kindly donated precious artifacts from the war, giving a fascinating insight into how life was 100 years ago.

An interactive display further brings the exhibition to life. Hear narrated diaries from the War, view a timeline of events during the four year conflict, and research your own family members with our database. Artwork has also been provided by children from the local William Levick Primary School.

The exhibition has been made possible due to The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please note that due to closures, the gallery will be closed at certain times to accommodate our regular community bookings. Without the funds that these necessary bookings bring, we would not be able to keep the Barn open and run our varied programme of events, so we thank you for your continued support and co-operation. Please make sure you familarise yourself with the dates that the exhibition is open before you visit:

Tuesday 11th December – OPEN
Wednesday 12th December – OPEN
Thursday 13th December – (CLOSED morning) OPEN from 2pm
Friday 14th December – OPEN
Saturday 15th December – OPEN
Sunday 16th December – Producers Market (Gallery remains open but with stalls)
Monday 17th December – (CLOSED morning) OPEN from 12.30pm
Tuesday 18th December – OPEN (closed 12 until 2pm)
Wednesday 19th December – OPEN (closed 12 until 2.30pm)
Thursday 20th December – OPEN
Friday 21st December – OPEN
Saturday 22nd December – OPEN
Sunday 23rd December – OPEN
Monday 24th December – OPEN (closing 3pm)
Tuesday 25th December – CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December – CLOSED
Thursday 27th December – OPEN
Friday 28th December – OPEN
Saturday 29th December – OPEN
Sunday 30th December – OPEN
Monday 31st December – OPEN (closing 3pm)
Tuesday 1st January – CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd January – OPEN
Thursday 3rd January – OPEN
Friday 4th January – OPEN
Saturday 5th January – OPEN
Sunday 6th January – OPEN
Monday 7th January – OPEN
Tuesday 8th January – OPEN
Wednesday 9th January – OPEN
Thursday 10th January – OPEN
Friday 11th January – OPEN
Saturday 12th January – OPEN
Sunday 13th January – OPEN
Monday 14th January – OPEN
Tuesday 15th January – OPEN
Wednesday 16th January – OPEN
Thursday 17th January – OPEN
Friday 18th January – OPEN