We are pleased to be able to announce our next Live & Local shows, coming to Dronfield Hall Barn in the near future. Don’t miss out on seeing some of the best dance and theatre performances in the country when they come to Dronfield!

Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer – Shane ShambHu
Friday 23rd November in the Peel Centre
“This warm and approachable one-man show is the true story of Shane, an East End lad (named after a Hollywood Western character), through him learning to dance – keeping it secret from his mates – and on to his final triumph, dancing professionally in a way that feels right for him rather than wearing ‘a colourful costume and ankle bells’. So far, so Billy Elliot. But Shane’s story is also about how he felt he was growing up ‘a foreigner’ even though he was born in Britain. This show is both his story and a way of acknowledging that this style of dance (the South Asian style of Bharatanatyam) may be ‘foreign’ to many audiences, and by making this connection with us he presents both in a thoughtful and entertaining way.”

Leviathan – James Wilton Dance
Saturday 6th April 2019 in the Barn
“This tried and tested contemporary piece has toured to other village halls and has great feedback. It’s six dancers in an epic version of the epic tale, Moby Dick with a style of dance that feels very athletic, and even has a sense of martial arts to it. There are certainly sections that will make you gasp and the modern electronic music soundtrack adds to the sense of thrill.  James Wilton has a reputation for a blend of athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and partner-work, Leviathan will have you on the edge of your seat. It will leave you gasping for air under the sheer ferocity of movement, all accompanied by a powerful electro-rock soundtrack by Lunatic Soul.” 

Team Viking – Tangram Theatre Company
Thursday 9th May 2019 in the Barn
“A five star rated show, which tells the story of how one man actually gave his best mate the send off he wanted. Five years ago, James Rowland’s best friend Tom was diagnosed with heart cancer and given three months to live. His last wish was to be given a full viking burial. This is low-tech, honest and simple theatre/storytelling with a real connection to an audience. Bearded and naturally sporting a Viking helmet, James holds the audience in the palm of his hand as he relates this very personal, and often side splittingly funny tale. The show is very well put together with live song and music, comedy and the touching moments within the tale are handled sensitively allowing you to celebrate and reflect along with James friendship and passing. One reviewer said ‘At no stage does Rowland come close to sentimentality or self-indulgence. It’s sure-footed, poised and delicate in its treatment of death.’”

Stay tuned to our website and social media to hear when tickets for each of these unmissable shows goes on sale!